Roundtable: Liberal practices and conservative global knowledge flows

Video Recording:

Agata Ignaciuk (University of Granada), Natalia Jarska (Polish Academy of Sciences), Sylwia Kuźma-Markowska (University of Warsaw), Agnieszka Kosiorowska (University of Warsaw), Agnieszka Kościańska (University of Warsaw), Natalia Pomian (University of Warsaw)

Flávia Biroli (University of Brasília), Conny Roggeband (University of Amsterdam), and other Gender Wars key network members

This roundtable discussed the results of ethnographic and historical research on sexuality, birth control and Catholicism in Poland: Catholicising Reproduction, Reproducing Catholicism: Activist Practices and Intimate Negotiations in Poland, 1930 – Present. On the one hand, Polish Catholics both historically and today negotiate their sexual reproductive practices in ways which go beyond the Catholic doctrine. On the other hand, Polish Catholics actively participate in global movements that promote more conservative sexual and reproductive choices and disseminate anti-abortion discourses. This contributes to the complex picture of Catholicism, sexuality and reproduction in Poland and the world.