Abortion Figurations: Using Human Rights to Change Abortion Law

Join Gender Wars network for our last online discussion:

Prof. Marta Bucholc, Dr. Lourdes Peroni, Marta Gospodarczyk, Carolina Mosquera Vera, and Iskra de Vries will talk about their ERC Consolidator project “Abortion Figurations. Using Human Rights to Change Abortion Law” (PI Prof. Marta Bucholc, University of Warsaw, more https://abortion-figurations.uw.edu.pl/)

Their presentation will be followed by comments from Prof. Flávia Biroli (University of Brasília, member of Gender Wars network) and Prof. Agnieszka Kubal (UCL).

This event is part of the AHRC-funded research network Gender Wars: East and South, which brings together an interdisciplinary network of scholars and artists of gender and sexuality across Latin America and Central Eastern Europe to examine the link between history, religion, sexuality, and gender under contemporary authoritarianisms. Gender Wars: East and South aims to document the similarities, differences, and connections between “anti-gender” movements across the two regions.

Join via Zoom: https://uw-edu-pl.zoom.us/j/96555123889

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